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Influencer marketing is very popular in 2021. There are 4-Millions registered influencers in Upfluence and the number is increasing notably. Either makeup or skincare influencers are becoming more popular everyday. There are many influencers companies that collobarate between influencers and brands.

Are you curious about the best beauty influencers in the world? Then read on. 

1.Nikkie de Jager aka Nikkie Tutorials

The influencer and makeup artist from the Netherlands isa very popular beauty influencer and make-up artist. Her Instagram account “nikkietutorials” has almost 15 million followers. Also on YouTube, her make-up videos are the most watched and she is very popular.

Another amazing fact about her, she has become the first transgender to host Eurovision Song Contest this year.

2.Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan, an Iraqi-American entrepreneur, and famous makeup artist and is also known as beauty mogul. Her brand empire “Huda Beauty” is valued at more than $1 Billion.

Her influence is so far-reaching that it is impossible to ignore. With almost 50 followers on her Instagram, she shares beauty tips and more. She is also a beauty herself.

This businesswoman and make-up mastermind has created a beauty empire. One to watch and checkout on the gram!

3.James Charles

At the age of 17, James Charles has become a successful make-up artist and beauty YouTuber. With almost 20 million subscribers on Youtube and 25.8M followers on Instagram, he is the first male ambassador of CoverGirl

His unique rebellious character and pitch-perfect makeup videos have inspired thousands of people about the fact that beauty, make-up is not only a girls thing. His hosted show “Instant Influencer”, in search of the next beauty blogger is very popular as well.

4. Zoë Sugg

With 9.2 Million Instagram followers, Sugg is a businesswoman and YouTuber. In 2014, she launched her beauty products brand “Zoella Beauty”.

She posts about makeup, women’s issues, fashions, and food, a complete package that attracts her fans more. She is an author and her “Girl Online” is recognized as one of the fastest-selling novels.

Becoming the best beauty influencer is not about teaching people how to do makeup only. Its much more than that.

Influencers like Huda, Nikkie, and Zoe always research the latest beauty trends, changes in culture, etc. They work really hard and keep in contact with their fans. We really admire their hard work and dedication in this.

So do you want to become a beauty influencer also? Then read this article and become one!

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