Blogs for Self-Development

Blogs for Self-Development

These days, almost every person is suffering from anxiety and depression. Especially because of the corona virus.

In such a case, going through blogs for self-development can be a good option as they give different types of suggestions to develop inner self and lead a happy life. 

Here are 4 self-development blogs you should know:


On this website you will find a 360-degree approach to wellness that weaves the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental aspects of well-being together, because they believe that these pillars of health are all interconnected.

This site gives you a proper diet to ensure your good health condition. It also guides some exercises that you can practice whenever you are feeling nervous or depressed. There are some videos too created by experts to show you how to maintain your daily life. THey also have topics about beauty, parenting etc. A very interested self development blog.

2.Darren Hardy’s Blog

If you want to know how to be successful and happy in life, you should take suggestions from someone who has already succeeded in life and is leading a joyful present.

For the past three decades, Darren Hardy has been a known figure among industrialists and businessmen. He is now working as a social worker and motivational speaker.

Darren’s thought was to help the people achieve their goals and bring peace to their minds. With that view, He started blogging and giving classes on how one can utilize the inner talent and know the depth of life.

Also a blog for self-development that you must checkout!

3.Tiny Buddha

This website is one of the oldest and most followed websites for people of any age. People who are not even suffering from trauma or failure visit the site for some inner refreshment and motivation.

They post about human relationships, perfect strategies, etc. You can visit there for almost every problem’s solution.

The author describes every point by example, narrating stories, and explaining analysis or theory. So, it is a site with easily understandable posts. It is a very popular website.

4.the Happiness Project

It is also the name of an American motivational book. The author of that book and the site are the same woman.

She writes mostly about happiness. She has seen people around her being sad and unsatisfied despite staying in a good environment.

Her writing can let you understand the depth of your life.  To find the true happiness of your life, you can go through her weekly writings on the blog and try to relate with yourself.

You need to bookmark all those blogs for self-development above in your browser. Besides, there are some other sites like Wealthy Gorilla, addicted2success, etc. that we will be discussing in other articles. Other popular blogs you should check out.

So are you suffering from depression and do you need some more motivation in life? Then check out these blogs about self-development. It will help you!


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