How to Become a Beauty Influencer?

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Do you think your beauty sense and makeup skills are way more above average?

Then, it would be best to try utilizing this talent of yours. But, first, you must start blogging on beauty and makeup on several public platforms. Start a blog, start a Youtube channel, start with Instagram. Promote your channels everywhere and go for it!

Do you want to become a beauty influencer? Then keep on reading.

How to Become a Beauty Influencer? 

1. Follow the Senior Influencers

If you research the current successful influencers, you can create your beauty success. For example, the renowned makeup company owner and influencer Huda Kattan is currently the best makeup business person. Keep reading about her and how she did it. BUt also looks at makeup influencer Nikkie Tutorials. She is Dutch, but she is very popular on Instagram and Youtube. And don’t forget she has been doing this for ten years now. Good things take time.

2. Don’t Just Stick on One Platform

Many might suggest you focus only on Instagram or Youtube. But that’s not enough:

  1. You must create your website.
  2. Create your portfolio on several social media and business platforms.
  3. You need to do continuous branding of your site or business on every Platform.

Spread the world and use many platforms. Although Instagram is very popular now, you can also use Youtube or a blog to become an influencer. Or use all and become BIG! Make money with a blog, Instagram and Youtube.

3. Use Quality Material

Content is the key to influencing your audience. Make people realize that you are worth trusting.

Use good images or videos on your profiles. Of course, you don’t need an expensive camera nowadays. But still, make sure it looks good.

4. Target Your Audience

You can never move ahead if you don’t know your exact audience base. So it’s okay if you target a specific community at first.

But while growing your influence, you need to spread your reach among other groups and make content specifically.

Thus, we think categorizing content depending on communities is a crucial option you need to remember.

5. Collab with Other Celebs

It is a good and effective way to collab with other celebrities. You can feature other celebs or their content and even invite them to join in a podcast or tutorial.

6. Flaunt your style

You will need to be noticed among the over 1 billion Instagram users. While not all users are interested in beauty, showcasing your personality will help you stand out among the rest, especially when it is time to attract brands’ attention.

Consider what makes you unique. Perhaps you have a unique style, a different way of applying makeup or are passionate about a specific type of makeup. Your uniqueness is what you should highlight and make your USP. Your unique selling point is your USP. This will help you be discovered by your favorite brands and make them want to collaborate with you as a beauty blogger.

7. Join the right beauty influencer communities

Beauty influencers can work with brands in many ways through a community. You can either apply for work with brands through Insense, or a brand might reach out directly to you. The brand will either have a campaign in place or work with you to create content.

These are the creatives that beauty influencers usually produce for brands:

  • A video of their products being unpacked
  • Video or image review of a product
  • Demonstrations of product to show how the product works
  • Photographs of their products/brand
  • Live content, such as a Q+A session, may be offered with a brand expert.
  • Sponsored giveaway

Insense allows you to have direct access to top brands and guarantees paid for the content you deliver.

Brands will look at metrics such as engagement rates and subscribers. They also consider the content you publish on Instagram. You don’t have to have a large following to work with beauty brands. However, many businesses recognize the advantages of working with smaller accounts. For example, micro-influencers have higher engagement rates than people with millions of followers.

As your content and style evolve, you will likely attract more beauty brands to your account. Let’s look at some influencers that have already collaborated with brands through Insense.

At first, many might not be interested in your invitation, but you can try it.

It is not easy to become a beauty influencer nowadays because there are so many beauty influencers already. But maybe if you bring something new to the table. If you are original and show the real you, you will succeed.

Good luck with becoming a successful beauty influencer!

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