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Becoming a fashion influencer is like an absolute jackpot to those who love the glamourous style of fashion industries, glossy magazines, fresh trends etc. However, becoming a fashion brand ambassador is not an easy task. Like everything worthy in life, achieving successful collaboration as a fashion influencers requires a lot of dedication, hard work and motivation.   Not everyone can become a fashion brand influencer, you need to pre-determine your action plan and stick to it to achieve results.

You can ask yourself these 3 questions.

  • Are you ready to take fashion as your profession? 
  • Are you always up to date about current trends?
  • Can you predict the upcoming one? 

If you can answer “YES” to these 3 questions to yourself then what are you waiting for? Grow yourself to become a fashion influencer. As an influencer myself , I have gathered some very important tips to follow to make the process smoother and clearer!

Here are some tips to become a fashion brand ambassador: 

1. Be confident in your USP

Create your own aesthetic design of uniqueness that will differentiate you from others and stick to it. Every brand counts this at the very beginning of the creation stage.

This is necessary to find yourself and your style from a unique selling point. To do that, find select a niche and create the most relevant content. That’s the very first step of how to become a fashion influencer starting from zero. Be unique, be you!

2. Know the latest fashion trends 

This is a must to be a succesful fashion influencer. Be well informed about what’s going on in the world of fashion and about the events so that you can easily convert them to your useful content and get yourself prepared for those trends. But you can also choose to follow your own style and do whatever you like. You will stand out!

You can also follow fashion icons like Chiara Ferragni, Negin Mirsalehi and Dani Leigh.

3. Master the fashion shots

Make quality pictures. Make a research and use the right lense. It is also recommended to take a photography course to improve your skills of photo-shooting. There are many tricks and tips you can follow to drastically improve the quality of your pictures.

Let your imagination get wild with these shots, contrast them in a different perspective but stick to the unique style.

Well-done outlays on the social platform never fail. It may take time but you will see people loving your trends.

4. Create Connections with fashion communities & store appearances 

As an influencer, connecting and networking are necessary skills in this glamorous world. Never miss these opportunities. It will help you to think more about your fashion, whether this is pop-up markets or runway shows. Go to fashion events and network with people.

Also, represent yourself both in real life and internet. Be active everywhere, but back up your appearances and ideas with research and information. I will cover the importance of social media activity next.

5. Be active on social media, grow followers

The most important platform where you can grow your community is of course social media. After you have followed the first 4 tips, it is important to share your fashion world to the relevant communities.

Instagram might be the most efficient place to share the content and grow loyal audiences, who are actually your path to becoming a fashion influencer. As an active user of Instagram, I would love to share the tips that have helped me consistently gain followers and build loyal community who trusts and follows me.

  1. Post regularly, people should remember you as an active content creator.
  2. Be visual. Fashion is mostly about visuals, so make your instagram feed fresh and visual
  3. Share more videos. IGTV lets you run vlogs, share ideas and let community get to know you better
  4. Brand your profile and cover photos
  5. Use hashtags to get found.
  6. Connect to other influencers, collaborate, tag others , comment on relevant posts.
  7. Use captions.

Of course, Instagram should not be the only social media platform you should be using. Facebook, tiktok, blogging are all very efficient platforms to grow the right audiences as a fashion ambassador and influencer!

6. Create unique content

The content you create communicates your message to your community, educates your followers, and persuades them to purchase your trust and follow you. So, if you want to be successful fashion influencer, you must spend a lot time doing research and giving actual value to your communities.

So, be yourself and create unique content. In fact, providing high quality, unique content is one of the most important things you can do to gain collaborations with high-level brands and companies. Unique content shows your personality and gives you much needed credibility.


Follow these 6 essential tips with your own style. Build self-confidence, do research, spend time learning more about current trends, learn fashion history. Eventually, be yourself, follow fashion trends but give it your own twist and become fashion influencer brands are dying to collaborate with!


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