Influencer Aimee Song: A Rising Star in the Fashion World

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Influencer Aimee Song: A Rising Star in Fashion World

Influencer Aimee Song is one of the popular fashion bloggers and designers of these days. She pursued her blogging career while she was a student in architecture.

She was born on December 10, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. She is famous for her blog Song of Style and her Youtube channel. 


She was a student in 2008 in interior design. At that time, she started her blog Song of Styles, which now gets millions of visitors. That meant to be for interior design. But quickly it changed to a fashion blog. A blog that became very popular.

Her Career

After successful blogging and having collaborations with many brands like Revolve for example, she started her own fashion linewith jewelry products. Then she added apparel and other fashion stuff to it.  As a fashion designer, she offers unique design clothing and shoes along with jewelry items as well. Now her net worth is estimated at $450000 and it is still growing.

Influencing Life

Aimee Song uses her social presents to promote her own product along with other brands as well. She has almost 5 million Instagram followers and 350K subscribers on her Youtube channel Also, her brand Song of Style has more than 350K followers on Instagram. Besides, her first asset Song of Style blog has more than 2 million page views per month. She worked with Levi’s, Biossance, and True religion. Also, collaborated with denim and other brands too. On her youtube channel, she shares videos about fashion, interior, and DIY. I personally think her youtube is going to hit 1 million subscribers very soon. We love this woman!


Aimee Song is very popular among fashion lovers. Also, she is a true inspiration for many peoples. She was featured in various high-profile fashion magazines including The business of fashion aka BOF. Also, Aimee was listed in the top 30 under 30 Forbes list in 2016.

Fashion Influencer Aimee Song: one to watch!

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