Is blogging a good career in India?

Can blogging make you shine in India and around the world? Can it make you money?

Can you have a blogging career in India? Ow hell yeah!

The past decade has seen massive improvements to the prospects of starting your own blog and actually making a living from it. While there are still many obstacles before you can earn enough to retire, many people from India and around the world successfully earn enough money from their blogs to pay rent and bills. Sounds great right? Keep on reading.

Blogging has become exceptionally popular in India since a large amount of money can be earned passively from a website without much work from the owner, and it is possible to work remotely and be your own boss as well.

And if you do manage to start a popular blog there is almost no limit to how much you can make. Amit Agarwal has been estimated to earn more than USD $50,000/month from his blog, most of this coming from advertising revenue in various forms.

Amit’s succesful story of blogging is not the only one. There are hundreds of extremely popular bloggers from India that earn 5 figures in USD every month, so it is no surprise so many new people are looking at blogging when considering a new career.

So let’s look at some of the pros and cons of becoming a blogger in India.


  • High potential income

This is one of the reasons so many people look at blogging. There are almost no limit to how much money you can make if your blog becomes popular. From companies sponsoring products and paying for mentions, to advertising networks paying for traffic, there are many ways to earn money if you have the visitors.

  • Passive earning

Once the blog is running and making some money, many owners hire writers and editors to manage the daily operations, and it is possible to work as little as 10 hours/month and still make a solid profit with a blog.

  • Own boss

Many people would love to be their own boss, setting their own daily schedules and waking up whenever they feel like it. Running a blog also makes you mobile, and you can travel or stay with friends or family and still be online to work.


  • Difficult to break in

It can be extremely difficult for new people to get visitors to their blog. First of all, there are millions of websites online, and getting eyes on your fresh content can be a big challenge. It will require a lot of work, especially in the beginning when you need to market your website and use search engine optimization methods to ensure people find your content when they search on Google.

  • Not fully respected in India

Not everyone in India looks favorably on people calling themselves entrepreneurs, bloggers or self employed. Many people still consider a normal job the only respectably type of work, and it can be difficult to get loans with the bank if you are a blogger without a solid income.

  • Some level of technology skill needed

While it does not take much knowledge of computers, programming and the internet to start out your blog, once it becomes popular you will need to deal with hackers, spammers, and an increased demand. So you will either need to hire someone, or spend some time learning new topics to keep your website safe and secure. But you can also look on Fiverr and hire someone for that.

In short:

Blogging is not for everyone. It will take some courage and a lot of hard work to start out a successful blog, and many people who try will fail. But for those who put their best into the project and get a little lucky, this profession can be a dream come true. Also for people in India!

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