Is blogging dead in 2021? Read on!

It has been a decade since blogging became popular, and now we are asking is blogging dead in 2021..Blogging is an art form that takes creativity and dedication to learn how to do it well. Blogging isn’t dead and it won’t be dead anytime soon but people have to handle it differently.

Bloggers have to adapt and create new business models if they want to keep achieving consistent results with their blogs. People should be more creative and create new topics. Originality is key!

In fact, roughly 409 million internet users read about 20 billion blog pages monthly so enough readers out there. And Google’s search volume continues to grow by 10% per year so that is good news for all the bloggers out there. People keep on searching.

What is blogging & why do people blog?

Blogging is defined as an “online diary”. When you blog, you are simply writing down your thoughts, your feelings and sharing them with the people of the internet. You can blog about anything important to you! Blogging typically takes a lot of hard work because it is not always easy to maintain a blog and write engaging content. We must say that the online diary blogs are dying out. Personal blogging is not really trending anymore. You have to focus on a niche. Something that people really want to read about. About news and trends or about information they need. Read more about that here.

The pros of blogging:

  1. Blogging offers complete freedom and flexibility
  2. Blogging is free
  3. You can reach your target audience at any time and gain their trust 
  4. Bloggers get to share their passions with the world
  5. Blogging requires creativity, dedication, and hard work! It’s not just a random rant about your day.
  6. You get to express not only your opinions but also your passions
  7. Bloggers gain a sense of satisfaction when they reach their target audience and gain trust 

The cons of blogging:

  1. It takes time to create new content and post it on your blog
  2. It’s hard to maintain consistency with blogging is also a challenge because you want people to keep coming back! 
  3. Content creation takes time, effort, and skill that not everyone has! Not every day will be great content days. Sometimes it will just be an excellent picture of

Is blogging dead in 2021?

So maybe yes personal blogging is dead, or not? People want to look for useful information. Like about food recipes, beauty and fashion trends, how to make money online and how to become an entrepreneur for example. They want to learn things online.

so niche blogging is not dead anywhere near!
So find your niche and be the best in it! Beat your competition.

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Goodluck with your blog! Follow the steps in our shop and start today.


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