Joel Brown and his blog/business

Joel Brown and his blog/business: addicted2success

If you are looking for motivation, quotes and success stories online, then you definitely might have gone through Joel Brown’s blog:

But did you know that the founder of the top most motivational website Joel Brown, has rejected multiple million dollar offers for his website to continue growing his own business. Like what? Would you do that?

Joel Brown is  an entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker, and coach from Perth, Western Australia. His famous blog/website achieved over hundreds of millions of views worldwide. His blog mission is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. A very inspirational blog that became a big business with hundreds of articles and likes and shares on social media.

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The Journey of Addicted2Success 

Joel used to work as a full-time Sales Executive in Perth, Australia back in 2011. The struggle of spending almost ten hours in traffic commuting to and from work each week, which was just to pay his daily bills, made him frustrated with his life.

Then one day, one of his friends invited him to attend a workshop led by Jordan Belfort. In that show, Joel was asked by Jordan Belfort if he had any goals. Sadly, Joel admitted that he didn’t have any. But then Jordan said something that has changed his life. He said, “Goals are good for short-term achievements, but what you really want to do is cast a vision for your life. You want to think big, and if you’re already thinking big, you want to think bigger.”

Joel began to think broadly about his passions, values, and strengths after that speech and started to create a way that would enable him to live out his dreams. Finally, he decided to align his passion for personal development with his excellent computer skills and created a website with the main focus of personal development. And that’s how the journey of Joel’s website, Addicted2Success, has started.

Nowadays,  Addicted2Success receives around 2 million visitors monthly, even some months it has more than 3 million visitors. It has made him a millionaire and a he is a  succesful coach helping other Entrepreneurs. He is financially free and can do whatever he wants like traveling the world and meeting other great minds.

It has now been around 10 years since Joel made the decision to quit his job to become a full-time entrepreneur, and it’s a decision that he hasn’t regretted. Read more about him on his own website:

His blog is one of our inspiration sources to start with Hustlersgang. We hope to meet Joel Brown one day.


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