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Joel Brown worked as a sales executive for a telecommunications firm in Perth, Australia, in 2011. Joel found it challenging to balance his work and commute to work every week.

Joel became frustrated and began looking for additional income streams to alleviate his stress, travel more, and escape his workplace. Joel jumped at an invitation from a friend to attend a workshop by Jordan Belfort, aka The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Joel confessed that he didn’t have any goals when Jordan Belfort asked him. Jordan then said something that Joel will never forget. He said that goals were good for short-term accomplishments, but you really want to create a vision of your life. If you already think big, you should think bigger.


Joel was inspired by these words and began to think about ways to combine his passions, values, and strengths with helping him live the life he wanted. He was also reading motivational videos and books on personal development. Because he was familiar with computers throughout his entire life, he was also skilled at using them. He wanted to combine his passion for personal growth with his computer skills and create a website that focuses on personal development. Joel’s website Addicted2Success was created shortly after that.

Joel’s website is one of the most visited online resources for inspiration and motivation in just a few short years. Addicted2Success averages between 1.8 and 2.5 million visitors per month. However, there are months when it receives as many as 3 million visitors. Joel has earned a six-figure income annually from the site’s over 62,000,000 views since it was launched.

“I now live a financially free life. I can work and travel anywhere. “I am truly blessed.”

Success did not happen overnight.

Joel’s success didn’t come overnight, as is the case for all success stories. He would use every moment of his spare time to work on his website while he worked full-time as a sales executive. He would work on his website even when he wasn’t at work. His website was ready to go after he installed WordPress and several plugins.

Joel did not create content at first. Joel would instead collect video clips and inspiring articles from different sources online and post them on his website. However, he eventually began to write his articles, and he found that he enjoyed the process. His website also featured a social media sharing button that allowed his readers to share his articles to their social networks. After a few months spent writing consistent articles and seeing them spread virally, Joel saw significant traffic increases. As a result, he enrolled in Google AdSense, which allowed him to make revenue every time someone clicked on an ad displayed on his site.

Joel didn’t make much revenue from Google AdSense at first. It began at just a few dollars per week, but it grew to $10 per daily, $15 per day, and steadily increased from there. Joel used the money to pay his phone bills, food, travel costs, and other small expenses. His website traffic increased as he published more articles, and his ad revenues increased. Although it took almost two years to reach the point where his ad revenue was sufficient to cover all of his monthly expenses, including rent and holidays, it finally came out. He realized that he could not keep his full-time job, so he quit his job to focus solely on growing the business that had become his primary venture.

Joel quit his job nearly three years ago to start his own business. He has never regretted it.

Although I don’t make millions each year, which I used to dream of, I have my freedom. I don’t have to listen to anyone telling me what to do. My wife and I can share memorable moments together. We can travel wherever we like. It’s possible to travel anywhere while still running the business. My life has changed dramatically compared to just a few short years ago.

He can run his business from any part of the world

Joel can run his online business from anywhere in the world because he built it online. Joel’s website inspires thousands every day, even when he isn’t actively working on it. Joel was kind enough to share his systems and people with us.

Joel is supported by his wife and has one more person working full-time. We posted a job vacancy on Facebook, stating that Addicted2Success needed an intern. The trial period was three months and eventually led to a full-time job. My wife Charlene reviewed about 60 applications and selected 10 to interview me. We selected someone who was a fan of the website and very proactive and willing to work full-time. It’s been amazing. Because I have someone managing my business, I was able to disconnect my business for the first time in over four years.

Joel is a full-time web manager and has used several tools to help him run his business more efficiently. Screen Flow is a program that Joel uses to record his screen while demonstrating a processor completing a task. These recordings are then used to create training videos for Joel’s website manager, who takes responsibility for the tasks. In addition, Joel uses Buffer App to schedule posts on different social media platforms at specific times and days. He doesn’t want to be too dependent on schedule, but he knows the importance of real-time interaction with his fans via social media.

We use scheduling to make it easier and more efficient in other areas. We also take the time to respond to people and ensure engagement in our community. We are very community-driven. It’s all about the people. It’s all about the people who visit our website. What do they feel after reading the articles? Do they want to share the articles? Are they willing to share? These are the key questions to ask and the things to consider when you’re thinking about a website or online business.

Email marketing is another way Joel keeps in touch with his audience. Joel uses Infusionsoft to send regular emails to his subscribers, with links to new blog posts and podcast episodes, product launches, or other important announcements.

We switched between Aweber and Infusionsoft because Infusionsoft is much more powerful than Aweber. Although it’s not as intuitive as Aweber, Infusionsoft is much more powerful for creating courses, books, and other such things.

The secrets to Joel’s success

Some websites do not attract millions of visitors each month. However, Joel and his team clearly have been doing some things right. Listening to their audience is one of those things. Joel monitors his website analytics and traffic statistics. This allows him to track what’s working and what visitors click on. It also lets him see what their visitors are sharing. This data allows him to see which topics are popular with his audience and which ones don’t.

I think that many people put out things they believe everyone will be interested in. They do this for far too long. You can experiment. But if you keep doing the same thing and putting out things that no one is interested in, your business will not grow.

Joel’s commitment to quality content is another key to his success. Joel has a set standard for content that he publishes on his website. This is something he keeps up to date at all costs. Joel receives articles from hundreds of contributors regularly. If an article does not comply with those standards, he will remove it from his website.

We won’t publish an article if we don’t feel enough new content. If you settle for articles that don’t bring the same juice as your brand, you will compromise the quality of the website.

Joel believes that Addicted2Success has more to it than a website. It is a brand. He is dedicated to protecting that brand’s reputation and carries that commitment of quality into other areas such as e-books, coaching, and, most recently, the Addicted2Success Podcast.

“It’s funny because I never wanted to do podcasting. It is a growing field with many people getting into it. Because I was already interviewing successful people through Addicted2Success, through video interviews, and article interviews, it occurred to me that I could make those audios into audios or preserve the audios from those article interviews and publish them on a podcast. I enjoy audiobooks, and many people can hear and understand the language. So I tried to make it accessible to them, and it was a huge success.

Joel values quality more than quantity, which is true to his brand. Joel doesn’t publish one podcast interview per week like many podcasts. He won’t publish a podcast interview if he has a quality guest who he believes can deliver significant value to his listeners.

It’s been amazing, and it’s allowed me to reach out to people I have looked up to for so long, like Deepak Chopra and T. Harv Eker. These people are huge and want to be as aligned with us as they do. They believe in self-development as much as we do.

Early struggles

Joel faced many infrastructure challenges during his first few years of owning his website. His website crashed quite frequently due to increasing traffic. He discovered the painful truth about the costs of not investing in the proper infrastructure. First impressions are crucial when it comes to the internet. A visitor to your website for the first time will not return to it if your website goes down. Joel would lose revenue, and possibly, even more, his website would be unusable.

I recommend anyone who runs a blog, website, or other online business to invest in a more robust server. You want reliability. It’s not a good idea to go to bed at night worrying about whether your server is down or if it has been down for 8 hours.

Building your personal brand

Joel is now investing more energy and time into his personal brand. Joel was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It! and has realized that people like to follow others. People want to know the people behind the business, not just the business. Although it has been gradual, Joel has used many tactics to increase his online reach and build his personal brand.

Joel is active on social media using personal profiles. He also has a Facebook Fan Page. He includes his name, photo, and links to social media accounts in his emails to Addicted2Success subscribers. In addition, he regularly appears on other podcasts and posts inspirational videos, blogs, and quotes to social media. These efforts collectively have made him a more recognizable brand as Addicted2Success’ founder and as an inspiration and motivation source for people all over the globe.

Redefining success for a lifestyle entrepreneur

Success can be subjective. Every person has a unique definition of success, which will change over time. For example, Joel’s definition of success began with money. Once he was financially successful, however, his definitions of success changed. Joel would tell you today that success is not about money.

“When I started Addicted2Success, I was desperate for money. I wanted to be wealthy. The funny thing was that I didn’t understand why. Now that I look back, I believe it was due to the circumstances in which I was. It was the situation I was in. I was stuck at work, and I felt I needed it to get out. To be successful now means feeling comfortable in your own skin, feeling happy where you are, and believing that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. That’s the first part of success. The second half of success is feeling satisfied with your achievement. Unfortunately, it takes many people to find that one.

Last words of advice

Joel’s journey to entrepreneurship has been a very inspiring one. He started with nothing but a dream of a better future. He combined his passions and skills with building a successful online company, which he was able to achieve financial freedom and inspire millions. Joel offered us some last words of wisdom. We were grateful for his valuable advice.

“Ensure that the commitment you make is in line with your highest 1, 2, or 3 values. It’s the thing you spend the most money on, the thing you enjoy talking about with others, and the thing you find most interesting. That’s what you should be committing to. This is what you should be committing to. This is what will empower you. This is what will lighten you up. This is what will light up your soul at the end. You won’t need external motivation because you are aligned with your highest values.

His blog is one of our inspiration sources to start with Hustlersgang. We hope to meet Joel Brown one day.


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