What is Complex magazine? We love it! All You Need to Know.

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What is Complex Magazine? An online magazine you must know.

Want to stay updated on all the latest trends in style, pop culture, and music? Then Magazine Complex will be the best place for you on the internet. We love Complex. Good journalism, good content, and always the latest trends. Complex reports on popular and emerging trends in style, sneakers, food, music, sports, and pop culture.

Complex Networks has been named by the popular magazine Business Insider as one of the Most Valuable Startups in New York.

In 2012, the company launched Complex TV, an online broadcasting platform.

The founder of Complex is Marc Ecko. The complex started as a fringe lifestyle publication in 2002, focusing on hip-hop, sneakers, and comics. It was one of the first companies to build its business around the idea that subcultures would move from the periphery into the mainstream. It grow into something big 19 years later. Everyone knows Complex. It’s a big success.

In 2017 they stopped with the “paper” magazine. They continued online. Online is the future anyway. So start online today! Check our shop for tips, tools, and more.

How does Complex actually make money?

It has advertising on the website (we don’t know which ad network they use). Probably Mediavine, cause this is the best-paying ad network out there. They also make a lot of money with e-commerce. Have a look at their shop. They sell cool stuff. They also make money with sponsored content on their social media channels and on the website. Maybe they also use affiliate marketing but we don’t know this for sure. If you want to start with affiliate marketing, have a look at our shop. Affiliate marketing is the way to make money with your blog/content. But don’t think it is that easy. Affiliate marketing is a long term process, but it will be worth it.


On April 18, 2016, Verizon Hearst Media Partners – a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Hearst Communications – acquired Complex intending to build a portfolio of the emerging digital brands for the millennials and zoomers. As part of this acquisition, Complex now develops content for Verizon-owned AOL and go90.

News, features, controversies, and original TV shows – Magazine Complex has it all. It’s a “go-to” destination for all those who have a big passion for art, fashion, music, and sportswear.

Some other magazines like Complex are The Source, VICE, The Fader, XXL etc. But we think Complex is the best and just has no competition.

For your latest urban news: Check out the online magazine Complex and follow them on the gram!

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