5 Ways to make money from blogging

5 Ways to make money from blogging

Everyone wants to make money blogging nowadays. Quit their jobs, travel the world and make a living from your website or websites. But how? How do you make money blogging?

So here are the 5 ways to make money from blogging:

1.Affiliate marketing

By writing about a certain product about its pros, cons and other criteria. You can help the audience to find the right product for them. Also, you can share affiliate links of that certain product to guide the audience to buy from that link. From their every purchase you will get a commission. Pat Flynn for example is making thousands of dollars a month from his smartpassiveincome.com blog. Just because of affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate programs nowadays. 

2.Product sale

You can sell your own product through your blog. It can be any physical product, ebook, subscription whatever. You must convice your readers to buy your product. You can recommend products in your content but you can also make a shop on your blog.


Most bloggers make money by putting ads on their blogs. You can apply for ads on many ad networks. But, AdSense from google is the most trusted and popular ad network for blogging. They provide 68% revenue to the bloggers.

However, your blog must have to be approved by them. Also, there are certain blog based ad networks available in the market such as Taboola and outbrain. They pay publishers as per click. And, their ads are quite user-friendly too. Want to read more about others advertisers? Then read this article.

4.Sponsored content

If your blog becomes a popular one, a lot of people will come to you to ask for writing about their company, brands, and services.

You can earn good money with this. If you have more than 50k visitors a month you can ask 100 to 200 dollar for a post. But it also depends of your DA, DR and trustflow etc.

There are also influencer companies on the web that help bloggers make money. Want to read more about making money with sponsored content? Then check this out. 

5.Online course

If you are good at something then you can teach your audience about that certain topic by taking money from them. And, it is a good amount if your course is a good fit for your readers.

There are plenty of ways to make money from blogging. It is your duty to write good quality blogs and keep satisfying your audience. Also, think about good SEO!

Make money blogging? It is possible for sure, but right good content and keep promoting your blog.


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