5 Ways to make money from blogging

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You may have heard that blogging can make you money from anywhere. But you may not know how to start.

Just like starting a business, making money blogging requires a plan. However, you can make money blogging by 2021 if you create a niche blog, monetize it to make profits, and strategize to build an audience. Continue reading to find out how.

What is a blog?

Yes, in many ways. For example, you can sell your creative content and advertising space to other businesses through a blog. Think of blogging as a way to make money in 2021.

It would be best to determine how long you can afford blogging without making a profit. Blogging is like any other business. There will be a period of inequity during the startup phase. It takes six months for most bloggers to see a return on their blogging investment. Others may need to wait up to one year.

Average Startup Prices

Make sure to include startup costs when planning to monetize your blog. Hosting, domain registration, and the opportunity costs for unpaid work are all included. Hosting is required to make your blog monetizable. Free blogs might not allow integrated ads.

It will be cheaper if you’re tech-savvy. However, if you hire professionals to create your website or write content, the costs will rise. A DIY blog costs around $60 to start, including domain registration and hosting. However, if you choose to hire professionals to manage any aspect of your blog, expect to pay more quickly.

Five Key Methods to Make Money Blogging

To make money blogging, you must add elements to monetize your blog once it’s up and running.

Your blog profits can be viewed as two streams of revenue: content you create and content created by others.

When you offer memberships or sell downloadables, you get paid for the content you create. When you post affiliate links or host ads, you get paid for content created by others.

  • Downloadable

An excellent way for bloggers to make money online is to offer downloadable content. You can offer a range of products, but each item should be affordable so that readers can pay extra for them.

An organizational blog could offer a cleaning schedule or home decor blogs with printable labels for decoupage containers. However, these items are unique to your creative line and would be unavailable to the general public.

Start by giving away downloadables. You can build a list of contacts with this free download. This is not a “something-for-nothing” strategy. You can restrict the download only to be made available after the user has entered their contact information.

Digital content creators can benefit from list-building. There are many marketing avenues that you can explore once you’ve found a way to reach people.

  • Courses

Your blog should be able to provide educational content. Unfortunately, many bloggers convert their readers into students when they offer courses for a fee.

Sites like Skillshare and Udemy allow bloggers to create and publish courses. Online Courses can be profitable, but some courses have made millions. Therefore, before investing heavily in a course, it is essential to establish a blog and social media presence. You will not have enough students to profit from your content otherwise.

  • Premium Content

Your subscribers can also subscribe to premium content. This could include content released earlier for subscribers or unique video content.

You can create a new income stream for your existing readers by integrating a membership subscription. This premium content is available to paying subscribers by adding membership software to your blog.

  • Hosting ads

Hosting ads on monetized blogs is one of the best ways bloggers can make money. These ads can appear in sidebars, banners, or between paragraphs of the articles.

Many bloggers begin by hosting pay-per-click ads. To incorporate relevant ads into your blog, you can use Google AdSense.

AdSense will pay you per click or watch of your ad. A click can earn you $0.50 to $5. It will take some traffic to make a lot of money.

  • Sponsorships and Affiliate Links

It is a great way to make money by getting affiliate links and sponsorships for your blog content.

A sponsorship is when a brand pays you to promote its product through your blog. Although the way you promote the product may vary, the brand will most likely ask you to endorse it to ensure that your readers are interested.

Affiliate marketing is similar. Affiliate links are provided by brands to be placed in blogs. These links will direct customers to their products. For example, a seed company might send you links to their products for your next article on gardening. The seed company will pay you every time a reader clicks that link and purchases seeds.

Blogging can bring in a lot of money. You must write quality blogs that are engaging and informative. Good SEO is also essential! For the steps to start a blog, visit our shop.


You can make money blogging, but it requires good content and sufficient traffic. Keep going.

There are plenty of ways to make money from blogging. It is important to write good quality blogs and keep satisfying your audience. Also, think about good SEO! Check out our shop for the steps for starting a blog. 

Make money blogging? It is possible for sure, but only with good content and enough traffic so keep going.

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