Businessmodels for online magazines.

Starting an online business, or online magazine is very popular nowadays.

More and more magazines are quitting with their magazine and focus more on the online word. More and more people are online and search for good quality content everyday.

One of our favorite online magazines is Complex. Read more about this magazine here.

So first you will need a lot of traffic to make money with your online magazine. Good content will get you a lot of traffic so focus on good SEO and social media.

But then: how do you make money with your online magazines?

What are the best businessmodels for online magazines?

1. display advertising

As with traditional magazines, ads play a big role in funding online magazines. Display advertising means showing an ad (text, video or audio) on a website.

Display advertising can take the form of banner ads or short-form video ads, both of which are viable options for bringing in good revenue.

2.native advertising

When an ad is integrated into the content, it becomes a native ad. The word “native” here signifies that it blends in with the website content, meaning it doesn’t look like a traditional ad. This is popular way of making money with your online magazine. For example you can use outbrain.

3. make a subscription service

If you become a trusted source for quality content that’s providing a unique perspective, you have a good chance of gaining a loyal following of subscribers. Subscriptions are a particular helpful source of revenue because they are more consistent than a one-time ad deal.

But this is not easy and you have to win the trust of your readers. Most online magazines using this way of revenue exist for a long time.

4.Sponsored posts/branded content

When you have a lot of content and a lot of traffic you will get brands and companies that want to expose their brand through your online magazine. Maybe if you have a lot of social media followers the brands and companies also want to advertise on your social media.

So what are you waiting for? Start your own online magazine with Bluehost, let someone on Fiverr make your website and start writing. You can do it!


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