The Shade Room: Everything You Want to Know About this Blog

What is “The Shade Room?” There are lots of online blogs and publishers that have been covering celebrity news and gossip. But among them, few of them have succeeded to gain the trust of all sorts of the audience by delivering quality information.

The Shade Room is one of those blogs that are currently one of the most influential websites ont he web. According to Forbes, the site is one of those 30 platforms that have a very strong community and fan base across the world.

Everything you want to know about The Shade Room:

The Founder Angelica Nwandu

Angelica Nwandu, a woman from Los Angeles, USA, created the portal specially for Black people. She literally surprised everyone by gaining huge popularity by targeting a specific part of society.

A part of Angelica’s family is from Nigeria. So, she thought of bringing the black culture, rituals, social systems in front of the whole world. With that goal in mind, she first started to post the latest feeds and updates professionally on Instagram.

She never thought of reaching out to the world so quickly. But the presentation and quality of content have pushed her and the portal to the highest peak. Now, she is working as a social worker and influencer along with running her blog on several platforms.

Facts about TSR:

Followers Count

On Instagram, TSR has more than 24 million followers. The profile’s hashtags are quite famous and used too.

Moreover, the number of Youtube subscribers of the TSR official channel is more than 270k. They have posted almost 150 videos, and each of them has got a massive response.

Owner Isn’t a Journalist

Who says you need to be a journalist to start a popular blog?

Anyone can consider the founder-owner of TSR as a professional journalist by understanding the quality of her content. For example, we know Aimee Song was able to make quality fashion posts because she had studied in the Fashion design discipline back in her college.

Surprisingly, Angelica’s discipline didn’t cover any Media course.

So, you can say that Angelica has pure talent and hardworking capability that has led her this far. Now that is a hustler, a fighter, a go-getter!

Banned from FB

The verified TSR Facebook page has millions of followers currently. But for some reason, it was banned by the FB authority back in January 2021.

Facebook reported that the page violated some community standards, and so, the TSR page faced a penalty.

But The Shade Room has reappeared on Facebook this year. Now, they are going pretty well posting hot topics and gossip regularly.

Angelica and her social media accounts were at the peak of success last year. Recently, Angelica is planning to launch some new programs.

The Shade Room: a blog/business you need to checkout!


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