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Influencer Loren Gray: Who is this girl?

In the last century people could not imagine that achieving fame would be as easy as posting lip-syncing videos on the internet. But influencer Loren Gray have shown that it really is possible.

However, it has never been so easy, not even for Loren as she has had to go through hard times to achieve the fame and fortune she has today. Loren currently has more than 50 million followers on Tiktok and 20 Million plus followers on Instagram. So she is very popular.

Early Life of influencer loren gray:

Social media star aka influencer Loren Gray was born in 2002, and grew up in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

In spite of being the child of a hairstylist mom and biologist dad, Loren didn’t think that she would achieve social media fame when she started her account on TikTok which was named musical.ly at that time.

Influenced by her friends at the age 13, Gray downloaded the newly popular Tiktok along with her friends where they posted random videos and dance clips. But now she’s one of its most-followed stars of 50 million.

She started her journey after watching her friends doing it, but she went on to have more success than them.

Just because she became so successful on that platform, her mum downloaded it to keep an eye on her posts. Eventually, Influencer Loren Gray’s success on Tiktok also spread to other social media platforms.

Living with the Dark Side of Fame:

More and more people started reacting to her videos and started creating compilations of Gray’s Tiktok videos on YouTube.

Although Gray was overwhelmed by her fame, some of her friends became jealous of her.Concerning the situation, Loren’s mom became more conscious about Loren’s mental health and took her out of school.

Influencer Loren Gray had so many musical influences but her content style mostly involves creating emotional songs. Such as songs that make you tear up or remember break ups.She told Sidewalk Talk EDM that her songs come from a position of vulnerability.

And by such a sad style Loren hit the ground running by her first performance. After that she started to make more records.

This Tiktok star has had a hard time on social media being accused as talentless and fake on multiple occasions. She said that the whole experience has taught her to be nice to people and to be fearlessly authentic on social media.

Influencer Loren Gray: one to watch! She is also very pretty!

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