How to Monetize Your Blog?

How to monetize your blog?

You want to make money with your blog of course. Some are hobby bloggers, but most people start a blog because they want to make money with it.

Here are a few ways how to monetize your blog:

1.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and profitable way to monetize your blog. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to make money as well. It is a technique to recommend to your audience certain types of products and services. And you will take a commission from every conversion. Almost every product, including physical or digital, has an affiliation system. You have to apply to their affiliate program then put the affiliate link on your website. Want to know more about affiliate marketing? Then read this article. 

Some good affiliates are Bluehost (Because a lot of money need a website) and Fiverr. On Fiverr you can get everything done. Good seo but also developing your website. You don’t need an expensive marketing agency to get a good website.


If you don’t want to recommend to your audience any product or service, you can earn by putting ads on your website. Ad networks will show users interest-based ads that are not going to bother the audience at all. Also, you can earn per impression along with click as well. Google Adsense is the most popular ad network to monetize your blog. They share 68% of ad revenue with the publishers. But there are many other advertising networks. Do you really want to make good money with your traffic? Do you have more than 30.000 views? Then you can think of signing up for mediavine. You make around 8/10 dollar per 1000 views. Thats a lot right? Other advertisers you can try out are, popcash, propellerads etc.

3.Sponsor post

If you can make your blog popular with the audience, you will find well-known companies and brands that are going to show interest to have an article about them on your blog. And, for a single sponsor post, they pay a good amount of money. It depends how many pageviews and visitors your website has.  Also companies find it important that you have a good DA, DR and trustflow. So make sure they are good too. You can easily get this job done on Fiverr for a good amount of money (blogging does not have to be expensive).

4.Sell products

Whether it is digital or physical products, you can sell it to your audience as long as it has some relations with your blog. First of all, if you are good at something, then you can write an ebook to sell that to your audience. Also, you can sell special courses too. Selling products is more profitable than affiliate if you know how to convert your audience to customers.

Based on your blog niche, you have to pick a suitable monetizing option that is not going to bother your audience. But sometimes you just have to pick more commercial. Money is money right? At the end of day most bloggers want to make a living from their blog.So keep trying different ways of making money. Find out what works for your blog.


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