Net Worth Tyrese Gibson

Net Worth Tyrese Gibson

Net worth of Tyrese Gibson is surprisingly only 5 million US dollars.

Tyrese Darnell Gibson, a renowned person both in the music and movie industry has tons of achievements in his career. He has proven his talent and dedication in several fields that people still remember and appreciate.

But in recent years, he was seen off and dull due to his personal issues. The impact is clearly seen in his net worth. too.

The only thing we know is his divorce from his former wife, Samantha, made him depressed, and the cost of fighting the divorce case and bearing the cost of their children is the reason for this poor state.

A Surprise Fall

While finding the accurate networth Tyrese Gibson, we have also dug into the reasons he is nearly getting broke.

A couple of years back, his monthly income was around 105 thousand US dollars. Such an amount is quite enough for a person to lead a family. But the amount was still not enough.

Despite having his own flats and villas, Tyrese Gibson spent nearly 110 thousand US dollars monthly. So, it describes how his spending was out of control.

The main reason for running low on money is the divorce and its after-effects if we assume Tyrese’s statement is correct. Tyrese had to spend almost a hundred thousand dollars frequently on lawyers fighting the divorce case.

Also, the final verdict of the case was for Tyrese to give 20 thousand dollars of support every month to Samantha for raising their child. That’s why, whether this is the main reason or not, it really cost the star a huge amount of money.

How is He Making His Living Now?

Tyrese Gibson’s early career was as a rising musician. He was nominated for the Grammy thrice. His career’s best hit was “How you gonna act like that” and “Stay”. Both singles and their included albums hit the Billboard top 200 chart.

But nowadays, it seems like he has quit singing and focusing only on acting in commercial movies. His last movie was from the Fast series, which was a box office hit.

Tyrese has signed a contract with Universal Studios for another Fast series sequel with Diesel and Samantha. Along with that, he is now working in a film under the banner of Marvel named Morbius.

Tyrese also seemed to appear in some fashion and silver screen events in the US. He was caught with his new girlfriend, an OnlyFan and IG celeb, Zelie. We think that they are dating from the early days of 2021, just a few months after the divorce from Samantha.

No matter how complicated his personal life is, Tyrese Gibson has always given the best to his fans. Like other movie freaks, we also want him back on the screen as soon as possible. Also, we wish him the best of luck with his upcoming movies.

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