Net Worth Bill Gates

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Net Worth Bill Gates

The Net worth of Bill Gates is more than 125 billion dollars even in his retirement. Like what, so much?

Former CEO of Microsoft and the world’s richest man Bill Gates has a net worth of 131.2 billion US Dollars according to Forbes. He is considered the richest man right after Jeff Besos.

Although he retired from his professional life, still making a lot of money that ordinary people can dream of. However, he spends most of his money on charity nowadays. He is how Bill Gates made an enormous amount of money and how he spends that.

The early life of Bill Gates

American business magnate Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. Her father’s name is William H. Gates and his mother’s name is Mary Max Gates. In 1975, he founded Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen. Gradually their product windows operating system became vastly popular among computer users. Bill Gates is a programmer, Philanthropist, and writer. But, mainly he is known as a technology guy who made one of the best computer operating systems so far available in the market.

How Bill Gates made money?

Microsoft is the key asset of Bill Gates and the main reason behind his enormous amount of money. Till now, Windows operating system is the most popular operating system for desktop and laptop computers. Also, their product Microsoft office is widely popular too.

Microsoft sells Windows operating system and other computer based software. From there, Bill Gates was able to earn a huge amount of money. Also, they have expanded business in other offline and online businesses as well.

How does Bill spend his money?

After earning so much money Bill Gates did not spend that in a luxurious way. Although his life is not ordinary at all.

He owns a remarkable house on Island that is equipped with all the modern facilities. Also, he owns a few real estate properties along with a huge amount of land as well.

Moreover, he owns a yacht, a personal jet, and an unknown amount of cars.

However, his charity foundation named Gates foundation does a lot of activities for social development. In the COVID situation, he donated a huge amount of money to invent vaccines. Also, he works for children and other charitable work as well.

The Networth Bill Gates owns can make a road from earth to the moon. Still, he lives a pretty ordinary life compared to other billionaires. Now in his retired life, he mostly works on his charity foundation and motivating other people.

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