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So what is the net worth of entrepreneur, speaker, author and coach Tony Robbins? Keep on reading.

If you want to succeed in your life, take advice from a man who already has become successful by following the advice he gives. 

Tony Robbins is a very intellectual personality with the wisdom to understand and solve mental issues. His net worth is around 500 million US dollars. So much?

The most surprising fact about Tony Robbins is he hadn’t any institutional graduation, not even from a high school. He just did it all himself.

Early Life

Tony didn’t have any smooth and sweet memories from the past. He had a broken family. He used to stay with his mother and stepfather. Even with the stepfather, her mother didn’t stay well.

So, forcefully, he had to work when he was only a teenager. And for this specific reason, Tony couldn’t continue his academic studies.

Beginning of the Career

Tony’s career started as a promoter of Jim Rohn‘s lectures. While working as a promoter, he got introduced to another great speaker John Grinder.

Along with John, Tony boosted his career by starting to spread his thoughts and solutions to people.

At some points, people considered his strategies not worth listening to. But anyhow, those critics stepped back and appreciated Tony after he started to publish books with described methods.

Apart from being a famous coach, Tony Robbins is a successful investor and author. Though his main source of income is public speaking, he utilized the earnings and invested them into several activities so that his savings/net worth can increase day by day.

Public Speaking

These days, the demand for Tony Robbins is pretty high. He takes around 300 thousand to 1 million dollars for a seminar. It might seem too costly, but frankly speaking, his advising is worth it. It really is. He is a good motivational speaker.

Also, any Tony’s campaign can cost around 10 million dollars. And such a campaign has a length of less than a year.

Writing Books

Tony Robbins has written several books based on his own experience and surroundings. Most of them went achieving the best sellers tag. They were Unlimited Power, Awaken the giant within, Unshakable, Notes from a friend, etc.

Sadly, Tony has not been getting much time to write or publish his new books for the last 4 years. But rumors say that he will be back in writing next year.

Ownerships and Investments

Apart from the organization for development, Robbins has some healthy shares in the American market.

Modern-day gaming is a profession and a way for development. That is why Tony Robbins has bought Team Liquid that has achieved titles in PUBG, DOTA, CS: GO, etc.

Besides, he has ownerships in pharmaceuticals, hospitals, social welfare clubs, banking, and many more.

The surprising fact is, he even bought a club in the MLS. It is because he might have some interest in football.

So, it is understandable why the net worth of Tony Robbins is so high. His diplomatic thoughts, despite not having any academic background are tremendous. His life till now teaches us how not to depend on family status and change the whole surrounding. His blogs and contents are one of the best self-developing materials for this generation.

The net worth of this successful man? More than 500 dollars.

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