Influencer Lilly Singh

Influencer Lilly Singh – An Entertainer, YouTuber, Author, Entrepreneur

Influencer Lilly Saini Singh, better known as Lilly Singh, is an Indian origin Canadian YouTuber, comedian, talk show host and an actress. She has been a part of the entertainment industry since the start of her YouTube career in 2010, under the famous pseudonym, iiSuperwomanii, and has been actively working ever since. Her parents are immigrants from Punjab, India who settled in Scarborough, Ontario, where Lilly was born and brought up.


32-year-old Singh has had a successful YouTube career by starting with her YouTube channel iiSuperwomanii with over 14.9 million subscribers and later with a vlog channel by the same name that has 2.81 million subscribers. In 2019, however, she changed the channel’s name to Lilly Singh, with the vlog channel named as Lilly Singh Vlogs. Her video contents are mostly comedy, motivation, rants, skits with collaboration with some of the top most celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Zendaya, Nas Daily, Reesse Witherspoon, Hasan Minaj, and others. She has also  featured in Maroon 5’s Girls Like You music video that features other popular women like Cardi B, Gal Gadot, Camila Cabello, Millie Bobby Brown. She has participated in many YouTube FanFests, YouTube Rewinds, interacted with audiences and also earned several awards for her content on YouTube. These awards include:

  • Gold and Diamond Play Button from YouTube in 2013 and 2016 respectively
  • 2 Teen Choice Award
  • 4 Streamy Awards
  • 1 MTV Fandom Award
  • 1 People’s Choice Awards (Best YouTuber)

Apart from being a longtime YouTuber and comedian, influencer Lilly Singh has also been the host of her own talk show A Little Late with Lilly Singh since 2019 that has just recently ended this year, in 2021. She filmed her first documentary A Trip to Unicorn Island in 2016 which was about her world tour where she held concerts for her fans. Also, she has appeared in different series for cameo roles such as Bad Moms; sung some singles and a playback of Mauj Mein Malharein in an Indian movie (Gulaab Gang) and did a voiceover for a character in the upcoming movie Pickles.

Social Activities:

Being an active supporter and member of the LGBTQ community, and recently coming out bisexual herself, Singh has always voiced her opinions regarding various social issues. She’s been participating in movements such as for the one held for George Flyod in Los Angeles, fundraiser presidential campaign for Joe Biden; being a proud UNICEF ambassador and leading the campaign “GirlLove” that encourages the woman-to-woman support to stop women from tearing each other down.

Despite struggling with depression and arachnophobia, influencer Lilly Singh has channeled her way out to prove to be one of the most successful YouTuber, especially, a female YouTuber. She has been ranked in the 30 under 30 list by Forbes twice in 2016 (under Hollywood and Entertainment and Entertainment categories) and Top Influencers 2017; being one of the highest paid and most successful YouTubers since 2015; all with a networth of $20 million as of June, 2021. If you are interested to know about the networth of other influencers click here.


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