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Influencer Demi Rose. Who is this woman? If you are looking for the perfect influencer on the gram, you have to follow influencer Demi Rose.

Social Media influencer Demi Rose is a British “model” and content creator and she has been on Instagram since she was 18. This 28-year-old emerging young star is living in London and Ibiza. She is travelling a lot and she is living the good life.

She has more than 17 million followers on her Instagram profile, her bikini photos are shared online (also on Dailymail and others of popular news websites), with hundreds of comments from people wondering how she seemingly became so famous out of nowhere, but she did it! She probably has a lot of followers because she posts “erotic/naked” content.

Most of her online content is showing off fashion-based editorial shoots she’s been involved with and collections with brands, but also a lot of content is just for free and just for her followers.

Past Life

It is said that Demi has both brightness in her present life and darkness in the past. In 2019 both of Demi Rose’s parents died, just seven months apart. In that matter, she said that she used Instagram to uplift people because after what she has been through. She has shared her personal coping mechanisms on social media – including notes she’s written to her parents after their death and updates on her mental health.

But she says it was so tough trying to stay positive and going into lockdown shortly after their deaths was very difficult. Because having to deal with her parents’ house and selling their stuff was a really sad thing for her.

But Demi Rose is a strong woman and she just continues being badass on the gram.

Although she’s been posting online for years, most of her shots are free and some are paid collaborations. After getting so many offers of peope wanting her to join Onlyfans, she’s made the decision to join a subscription-based service at OnlyFans. A lot of celebrities and influencers went on Onlyfans because of corona and because they want to make money of their erotic content/pictures. Read more about the site Onlyfans here.

She spoke to the media that she was always cautious about joining, but watching more creators and artists joining she changed her mind. Big stars like Cardi B and Jordyn Woods were her inspiration as they also took steps on the same platform sharing theirs behind the scene clips.

Demi started working for PrettyLittleThing as its latest Brand Ambassador and she created multiple collections for the brand. She first worked with PLT back in 2017 as its first ‘Shapewear’ model and now she has her another collection with the brand. Read more about her collaboration with the brand here.

Did you know she also dated with Drake in 2017? But she probably wanted more fame and this is nothing for him. He doesnt like these kind of girls who are after fame and fortune. They are everywhere on the gram.

Influencer Demi Rose: one to watch and to check out!

Are you curious about her net worth? Then read this article. 

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