Net Worth Tyra Banks

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Net Worth Tyra Banks

The Net Worth of Tyra Banks is almost 90 Million US Dollars this year. 

If you regularly follow fashion blogs or articles, then you must’ve known about Tyra Banks. She was the first successful international black model from America.

Tyra has been the icon for more than two decades. Her work isn’t limited to modeling only.

To be honest, the networth Tyra Banks has zero contribution from her family. She didn’t have an influential family status like Kylie or Kim. So, the number we have shown at the very beginning is her sole hard work. She is a woman that you can call a self-made business mogul.


It is the profession that gave everything to Tyra Banks. She debuted as a model when was only 15. At that age, she got a contract offer from GQ, which brought the main breakthrough.

She was the first black woman to be featured in an American Magazine cover successfully.

After that, she got the opportunity that every model seeks now. She walked in the Victoria’s Secret Angels model show. And just before that, she had moved to Milan for a permanent modeling career in Europe.

Victoria’s Secret also featured her on their official website as a lingerie model.

Soon after, she was announced as the supermodel for her catchy looks and talent.

After becoming a supermodel, several international magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar signed Tyra.

Shows and Productions

It has been more than 18 years since Tyra Banks has left professional modeling. Instead, she started to host and produce some reality shows.

Her own production house, Bankable Productions, was formed in 2003. From that, she launched a reality show only based on modeling.

The name of the show is America’s Next Top Model. The show has more than 20 seasons so far, and each one of them was a total hit.

Apart from that show, she also launched a show named The Tyra Banks Show. This show also became a subject of gossip from 2005 to 2010. The show received two Emmy awards and another TV award within 2008-2010.

TV Commercials

The time around 2000 was the prime time for supermodel Tyra Banks. Apart from modeling for agencies and magazines, she even appeared in some TVCs.

Brands like Pepsi and Adidas made her poster girl of their companies.

Tyra’s Upcoming Projects

It is official that Tyra is retired from modeling and fashion influencing. Her Twitter and Youtube accounts also share mostly fancy content and guides, not anything new or professional.

Even her businesses are handled off the spotlights.

But there is good news for her fans. She is officially the new solo host of the reality show Dancing with the Stars‘ new seasons. Apart from that, there is no special activity after 2015. Otherwise, the net worth could’ve been more than a hundred.

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