Who is the richest influencer in the world?

You must have heard that Influencers can get very rich and make tons of money through sponsorship from companies for advertising their products and services. But do you know who are the richest social media influencers in the world?

In this blog you are gonna explore the richest influencers in the world and how much money they can make.. Keep on reading!

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The Richest Instagram Influencer in the world:

The great soccer player of the Italian team Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, is now the richest influencer in the world. He has more than 300 million followers and makes around 1.6 million dollars for one sponsored post. Like what?

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As impressive as the $1.6 million Ronaldo earns per post is, the growth of the amount from 2020 to 2021 is remarkable. His earning was $889,000 per post in 2020, which has increased 54% and turned into $1.6 million for this year. This means this makes him earn more from Instagram than his $31 million salary from his soccer team.

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But nowadays we also have Tiktok. THe new video platform.The social media channel TikTok is especially popular and has catapulted many young aspiring entertainers into fame and fortune.

So who is The Richest TikTok Influencer?

TikTok has become so popular nowadays. It is becoming even bigger and more famous than Instagram.

One of the best influencers on this list is Spencer X. According to Forbes, this 28-year-old beatboxer has been studying the form since his childhood. He made his first TikTok video in 2019 with upwards of 10 million fans. He made so many sponsored Tictoks for Uno, Oreo, and Sony. Spencer X’s net worth is estimated at $1.2 million in 2021. Click here to see some viral Tik Toks of Spencer X!

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