How to sell your blog and where?

Do you have a blog? Are you wondering how to sell it online? We’re here to help you with that.

So how to sell your blog..and where?

Almost all blogs have the same starting story – someone finds interest or has a passion for something, (s)he decides to write about it, readers start loving what they’re reading, and finally, the blog owner makes money with his or her blog. By using ads, affiliate marketing or selling products or maybe doing it all!

If your blog has good content, many readers lets say millions a month and you make some money with it, there will always be people that are interested in buying your blog. The founder of got multiple million dollar offers for his blog from people that were interested in his blog. He made some money with Adsense, but its also about the domain name and the concept behind it. Its a very good concept and has good content. He did not take the offers and kept creating his business.Now its a big business. Read more about his blog and success story here.

But where and how to sell your blog?

 You can sell your blogs in either of the following ways:
1.    Research yourself and sell your blog personally
2.    Sell your blog on a marketplace

Personal selling:

Let’s say you own a blog about parenting and you’re planning to sell it. Now you have to identify companies that are serving in the parenting niche and approach them with your proposal. The proposal must include how your blog may prove profitable for their brand and increase sales. If they’re convinced, you may negotiate a price with them.

Sell blogs on marketplaces:

Here are 3 marketplaces for selling your blog:
Flippa: For many reasons, Flippa is considered the best marketplace for selling websites. They have the biggest number of offers and use the auction model for pricing.
Empire Flippers: They deal with premium sites with a six-figure price range and have a unique evaluation tool to provide you a ballpark price.
FE International: This is yet another website where you can get a five-figure price for your blogs.

How to Set an Ideal Selling Price for Your Blog
The common method of setting a sale price is to take the average monthly net profit over the past 6 to 12 months and multiply it with a specific multiple. The multiple can typically fall between 20 and 40.

Interested in selling your blog at a high price? Get your ballpark valuation today! But also keep in mind that your domain name (.com name for example) can be of high worth and your brand (social media followers etc also). It is not only about the revenue that you make. So keep that in mind when selling your website/brand.


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