How to earn money from YouTube without AdSense

If you have ever tried setting up an AdSense account with Google, you will have noticed how much it takes to make a decent amount of money. Unless you are getting millions of visitors or viewers the total sum of money you can make with Youtube can be very low. You make around 3 dollar per 1000 views. It depends what types of video’s you show. It can be higher or less depending on that. Finance/education video’s pay better.

But luckily there are other ways to earn money from YouTube without having to rely on the AdSense advertising system. Are you curious how to earn money from Youtube without Google Adsense? Then keep on reading.

1.   Sponsored content

One of the easiest ways for you, the Youtuber, to earn money from your videos is by attracting deals with businesses that are looking to promote their products or services. We have all seen the small notice in the top left corner of YouTube videos where it says “Sponsored content”, and for a good reason. Influencers and vloggers can earn quick money by including a mention or incorporating an advertisement directly into their videos during editing. There are many influencer marketing agencies that work with Youtubers and help finding advertisers for your channel. It depends your niche.

If you run a channel that has a niche or genre, you can capitalise on your audience by including a few affiliate links into your description or even video itself. Affiliate links earn you money every time a viewer clicks on the link and buys the product or service. For some YouTubers, this is their primary source of income and works especially well with hobby genres. Also for bloggers this is a great way of making money. Read more about affiliate marketing here.

3.   Offer courses or sell services

For those with the desire to run their own business from home, using their YouTube channel as a way of attracting potential customers can be an effective way of driving traffic. If you have a channel that has a decent amount of viewers, there is a good chance you can teach something to other people. By creating an online course and selling it via your YouTube channel, you can connect with your viewers and they can learn something as well. You can even create previews and short versions for free on YouTube, then point viewers to your store or profile for the full course.

4.   Merchandise

If creating your own website or online store seems like too much work, you can instead look at services that print your designs or slogans on clothing. These companies take care of everything, from shipping to printing and stock management. All you have to do is create your designs, and tell people about it. This can be a great way for existing and new fans of your channel to support you and get something in return as well. A lot of the great Youtubers make money with their own merchandise.

So if you think Google Adsense is the only way to make money from Youtube, you are wrong!

It is far from necessary to depend on AdSense, or even use it at all, if you build your channel correctly. Remember that people visit your channel because of you, and finding out what you can offer for a price, whether it be sponsored content or online courses, can help earn you a solid income, and make your viewers even more happy.

But before you make money, make sure you get a lot of viewers.

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