How to generate passive income with no initial funds

How to generate passive income with no initial funds. It that even possible? Keep on reading.

Today we are looking at ways you can earn money on a regular basis, without having to invest your savings or wage into your new business venture. While having a little capital can make life easier, it is perfectly possible to be earning a passive income without having initial money to start with. So if your dream is to become a millionaire, having a strategy that involves passive income can be a smart decision.

Most of these tips and ideas will require an internet connection and either a smartphone or a computer, but since you are reading this article on our website, we will assume you already have access to those things. You dont need a fund, but it can be easy to have some money to start with. For example, if you start with a website/or blog, a domain name and hosting do cost some money and of course marketing costs some money. But nowadays when you work on good SEO (see our shop) you can get visitors/customers without spending too much on advertising. Make sure your websites ranks in Google. For SEO you maybe need like 1000 dollar.

In short, you will need to provide value to potential customers, and all the ideas we suggest focus on either helping people make choices, educating them, or otherwise making their lives better or easier in some way.

Here are some ways to generate passive income with no initial funds:

1. Create an online course

If you have a hobby or interest that you have spent years learning, it is possible to create an online course where you teach others the skills you have acquired. There are large websites such as Skillshare or Udemy to name a few, where you can upload your course and have it be available for sale without any cost other than a fee every time a student signs up to learn from your course.

Not only does this provide an excellent way for you to provide unique value to other people, it also has great potential for passive income, as you can keep on creating new courses every month, and grow your business rapidly.

2. Write an eBook

In the same vein as creating an online course, writing an eBook is all about you sharing something unique with the rest of the world. You can write fictional stories about fantasy adventures or romantic couples, or you can write technical books covering niche areas.

Again, this does not have to cost you anything to start with, and you can upload your eBooks to Amazon or other popular websites that sell to the entire world.

3. Draw and sell designs or artwork

If you have artistic skills, or just find yourself being in a creative mood, you can design patterns or graphics for t-shirts or other clothes, or you can create art that can be framed and hung on walls as interior decoration pieces.

From Etsy and other marketplaces, to Print on Demand businesses that offer to sell your designs on their clothes for a fee, there are plenty of free options.

4. Create a YouTube channel

Last but not least, you can start a YouTube channel if you are technically minded. It will require you to have a decent microphone and camera, but if you are just starting out then a newer smartphone and a blank white wall can do the trick.

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Like the other options, you will need to find a niche where you can provide meaningful and helpful content, or you can record yourself playing video games, eating food, or 100 other things that people find entertaining. Think about what you like to watch online, and find out what you could do yourself.

While it might take some time before you start earning big money with passive income, it is very much possible and people succeed every day by doing one of the four above mentioned techniques.

So it is possible to generate passive income with no initial funds, but like most things entrepreneurship costs a little money to start with. Think of marketing ways to promote your product or blog.

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