Why is influencer Demi Rose so famous and how did she do that?

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Demi Rose is a British woman in her mid twenties that has risen to extreme fame over the past few years. With more than 18 million followers on Instagram as of November 2021, she has become on the absolute top influencers in the UK, and around the world as well. Today it is estimated she has a net worth of more than 4 million USD. But how did she do this?

Are the rumors true that she pays Dailymail to promote her everyday? to get in the spotlights with her “erotic” content? Who knows?

Her story actually begins before Instagram was even created. As Demi Rose told The Daily Mail in an interview earlier this year, she started out on the social media platform MySpace where she found she had a natural talent and she quickly became popular on the site.

Some time later she then learned that a fake profile with her name and images was active on Instagram and that it had thousands of followers. As she told the media, she was jealous of this attention and decided to start her own real profile on Instagram.

She slowly gained new followers, often showing herself in flattering ways with bikini photos and beautiful images of delicious food or on holidays. Then, in 2016 she was spotted by media dating Tyga for a short time, and she was also photographed together with Drake at one point, fueling speculations that the two were dating. Or were they really dating? Who knows?

Those two connections made her even more interesting to fans on Instagram and tabloids that kept writing about her, and her popularity rose quickly after that.

To be honest We actually think she is so famous because she pays the Daily Mail, but we dont know if this rumor is true. Also dating Tyga and Drake helped her become more famous.

Many people following her have a dream of living the same type of luxury life as she shows on her images, from big yachts and expensive restaurant visits, to luxurious holidays and meetings with celebrities from all over the world. But people do have to know that this is life of the rich and its not real life. We dont believe this woman is happy all the time. She actually looks lonely in her tiny bikini’s, doesn’t she? Is this the life you really want to life?

However well crafted the rest of her profile and content is, there is no denying most people follow her because of the photos she uploads of herself, often shown in tight bikinis or other revealing outfits.

So how did Demi Rose got so famous? Because of her “erotic” content and dating famous celebrities.

So what do you think of her fame and her Instagram channel?

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